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John Dowling Falconry Ltd holds a 3 year Animal Activities License (No.19/00493AWACT) valid until 17/07/2022.


Coronavirus Update

Pest controllers are now recognised by the government as key workers, so John Dowling Falconry Ltd are continuing with essential bird control work during the season. We have additional safety measures in place including appropriate PPE, limited contact with site staff and hand sanitiser in all company vehicles. New method statements and risk assessments recognising the current circumstances are available to our clients and will be added to the relevant site files. 



John Dowling Falconry Ltd are specialists in bird control and pest species management with over 12 years of experience in the industry. We have a variety of methods at our disposal to ensure the reduction of bird populations at your property. A 50-60% reduction of the target species within the first 2-3 years of our programs is guaranteed to all new customers. As a privately owned business, we are proud to have built a solid reputation for competitively priced and high quality work, with the majority of our contracts coming from existing customer recommendations.

John is certified in Practical Urban Bird Control and RSPH Level 2 Certificate in Pest Control. John Dowling Falconry Ltd is a member of the British Pest Controller’s Association (BPCA), an organisation which ensures the highest standards of services to their clients by regularly auditing its members with strict professional criteria.

Each of our clients receives a site file containing all relevant certifications, insurance, risk assessments and job sheets recording the work carried out and the time taken.


Our bird control services include:

For bird control clients we can also offer a combined visit discount with our pest control service.

Falconry Deterrence

Our Falconry Deterrence programs involve a qualified Falconer visiting your site with a trained bird of prey, usually between one and three times a week. The bird will be flown freely on site for approximately one to two hours, depending on the severity of the problem. Our Hawks are versatile and can be flown in most spaces safely, including indoors. The Falcons require a larger open space, such as a flat roof.

A humane and environmentally friendly approach to bird control, Falconry Deterrence works by repeatedly disturbing the nuisance birds’ nesting and roosting habits. Once they learn that the area is frequented by a dangerous predator, they will move on to choose a safer, quieter place to live. Our raptors are not trained to catch or kill birds, they simply work as a deterrent by tapping into the prey species’ natural flight reaction.


This solution is proven but does not work overnight – regular visits throughout the season will be required to obtain and maintain results. For the control of gull populations in particular it is essential to combine Falconry Deterrence with an Egg & Nest Removal program. Once gulls have young, they become far too aggressive to be able to fly our birds safely and any previous efforts will be rendered null.

On rare occasions, sites are unsuitable to fly a bird safely due to environmental hazards such as power lines, nearby breeding gull colonies or dangerous machinery. In these events we will recommend the best course of action for you from our other bird control methods. If a Falconry Deterrence visit is unable to proceed due to adverse weather, we will be in touch and reschedule as soon as possible.


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Urban Gulls

Egg & Nest Removal

Egg and Nest Removal Programs are vital in controlling nuisance gull populations. This involves fortnightly visits throughout the breeding season to ensure that no eggs hatch and the population does not grow. The gull breeding season begins in late March and continues into the end of July, so in order to be effective the first visit must occur between late March and early April. Gulls can lay several clutches throughout the season, so it is essential that the full program is carried out to obtain the best results.

John is SafeContractor Approved and IPAF Certified if access to the roof via MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) is required. All staff will have appropriate PPE such as harnesses, steel toe workboots and high visibility vests. We can use existing machinery available on your site or we can source a machine from our supplier. Our teams are fully licensed by Natural England to take both Herring Gull (Larus argentus) and Lesser Black Backed Gull (Larus fuscus) eggs in compliance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is illegal to remove eggs without this license.

In order to start an Egg & Nest Removal program, we will need to conduct an on-site survey before the gull breeding season starts to assess the size of the population, access to nesting area and the possibility of additional control methods such as proofing or Falconry Deterrence. This is also an opportunity to discuss any customer concerns or requirements.


Egg & Nest Removal Data for one of our customers (name hidden for confidentiality) 



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Feral Pigeons

Trapping & Culling

For larger feral pigeon populations and breeding colonies, a trapping program is a time and cost effective method of reducing numbers before cleaning and proofing can commence. Our trained staff will endeavour to fix the specifically designed pigeon traps out of public sight and remove the birds discreetly. Once fixed, the traps are left open and baited with food and water for a few days to allow the pigeons to become accustomed to entering and feeding. When the traps have been set, our staff will return to check them daily, as required by law. The average length of a trapping program is three weeks – this can be extended or repeated every few months to keep numbers down if necessary. Combining a trapping and Falconry Deterrence program helps to prevent population growth by discouraging breeding.

Smaller populations can be controlled by regular culling visits spread throughout the year. This is carried out under a General License using an air rifle.




Guano & Gutter Cleaning

This service can be hired exclusively or it can be added to an existing bird control contract. John is certified with City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Safe Use of Pesticides, which covers the use of guano cleaning chemicals and their applicators. It is vitally important to make the area safe by treating the guano before cleaning, as the bacteria within it can cause a variety of mild to severe infections in humans.


Below are some before and after guano cleaning photos from one of our clients. The population is kept under control by a trapping and Falconry Deterrence program and we have not needed to do any further cleaning since.





For localised guano or bird roosting issues, proofing is an effective and permanent solution. We can provide and install netting and spikes to prevent gulls, pigeons and swallows roosting or nesting in a particular area. John is SafeContractor Approved and IPAF Certified if access to the roof via MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) is required. All staff will have appropriate PPE such as harnesses, steel toe workboots and high visibility vests. We can use existing machinery available on your site or we can source a machine from our supplier.

As part of our service, our team will safely clean the site of guano before installing the proofing materials.

Hawk Flying

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