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Exclusive Luxury Location

Luxury Cotswold Rentals is a deliberately small and niche luxury private house rental agency. As well as hand picking the very best properties, they also offer a full concierge service, including the Cotswold Passport and LCR App providing a personal guide to the Cotswolds.

In association with Luxury Cotswold Rentals, John Dowling Falconry Ltd are proud to be a Cotswold Passport partner. As such, we offer unique and exclusive falconry experiences to guests of the Dryhill Estate. Choose from a range of exciting packages or contact us directly to discuss bespoke options. We will travel to the property with our birds and use the features of the land to create a memorable and personal experience for your holiday.



As featured in:

“The nine most quintessentially British holiday experiences”



Dryhill Estate

Dryhill is a private 17th century Cotswold estate located in Ullenwood, Cheltenham. It contains 4 rentable properties within 14 acres of beautiful countryside overlooking the Malvern Hills. Featured in The Times’ “Britain’s 50 Best Holiday Houses”, Dryhill also lends itself to being an ideal wedding venue with its own vineyard and personalised wines.

John Dowling Falconry Ltd are proud to offer exclusive and bespoke falconry experiences to Dryhill guests. We will meet you onsite and fly our birds with you within the stunning gardens and fields of the estate.

Our experiences can be tailored to meet your requirements, so please don’t hesitate to contact us in advance (it is never too early to do so).



Exclusive Dryhill Packages

1.5 – 2 hours

During this experience you will get to meet 3 of our beautiful birds of prey. Have your breath taken away as you watch one of our incredible falcons stooping over the grounds before you at speeds of up to 70mph. During the flight we will explain to you their unique adaptations and how they are used to survive in the wild. There will be plenty of time for hands-on photo opportunities as we stroll around the escarpment with one of our characterful Harris Hawks. During the walk (length of your choosing) you will be amazed at the precision and grace of the Hawk as he flies to you and alights on your Falconer’s glove. We will tell you all about how we train and look after our birds as well as answer any questions you may have. You will also get to experience the serene and silent flight of one of our stunning owls as they glide to and from your glove.


2.5 – 3 hours

During this experience you will get to meet 5 of our beautiful birds of prey. Marvel at the speed of one of our stunning falcons as they stoop over the grounds to a swung lure, emulating their natural hunting flights. As you watch, we will describe their hunting strategies and how these amazing birds have evolved to catch their prey. Join us on a leisurely walk with one of our cheeky Harris Hawks, where we can stay within the escarpment gardens or venture up the hill into open fields and witness some longer, sweeping flights from our hawk. The duration of our hawk walk is of your choosing, but there will be plenty of time for photo opportunities as you fly him with us. You will also get to meet one of our charismatic owls and learn about their incredible hearing and silent flight as they gently fly to you. The real wow factor of this experience is the chance to meet one of the larger birds in our collection and see them fly. We will tell you all about how we train and look after our birds as well as answer any questions you may have. The final bird of this experience we like to leave as a mystery for you to meet on the day…


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Other information

  • These experience packages are available to guests staying on the Dryhill Estate only. You will not be joined by any other participants.
  • Experiences are weather dependent, we will be in touch within 48 hours of your experience to confirm.
  • Well behaved children of all ages are welcome, with an accompanying adult.
  • Prices vary according to group size and any specific requirements, quotes will be received upon enquiry.
  • Full health and safety briefing given before you start your experience and all equipment provided, however please wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.




We had the most magical morning courtesy of John Dowling Falconry up at Dryhill. An amazing interactive experience, a great education and a great pleasure to be in the presence of such skill, intuition, craft, love and passion. An utter joy that put smiles on faces all round. Thoroughly recommend for a corporate retreat.